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07-07-2010, 03:37
Caso sua conexão caia, e não volte a tempo de você não ser 'blinded out', você tem o direito de tentar reaver seu buy in.

Como proceder?

1- tire um printscreen da tela.
2- clique em "report" na janelinha da conexão do PS. *
3- no lobby, vá em Help -> Log Files -> "Save Log Files as ZIP..."
4. Salve o arquivo no Desktop,
6. mande um email para [email protected], explicando a queda na conexão, e com o printscreen e o arquivo do log zipado em anexos. Se possivel escreva também o numero do torneio e o seu nick.

O seu log será analisado pelos especialistas em conectividade, e se a queda de conexão for comprovada, você será ressarcido.

* Se você tiver usando windows vista, o PS deve ser aberto como administrador (clicar com direito no atalho e escolher ' executar como administrador'); caso contrário ele não gravará as infos necessárias.

(droga, editei e perdi os agradecimentos kkkk)

07-07-2010, 03:45
mto bom!! Vai ajudar mta gente

07-07-2010, 04:46
otimo saber,,,
isso ja aconteceu comigo deveras vezes

07-07-2010, 10:53
no meu caso que o BI é $0.25 não da nada..

mas imagina ser blinded out por causa da conexão num torneio de BI $200?

vai ajudar demais ;)

07-07-2010, 12:29
PQP eu perdi $10 uma vez, se soubesse...valeu bro, agora caiu ta printado :)

07-07-2010, 12:35
Acho que não é bem assim. Deve ter um processo bem burócratico.

Pois pra desconectar uma internet existe N formas, se você usar um provedor desconhecido, fica mais difícil de eles obterem informação.

Vadiupoker e em relação ao Party Poker, onde comprovado o servidor deles caíram.

Até agora não obtive nenhuma posição.

07-07-2010, 14:52
Eu não jogo no ps, mas esse mini tutorial é de grande ajuda pra quem joga lá...

devidamente agradecido =D

07-07-2010, 19:46
Thxx Vadiu , as vezes acontece de cair a net.. assim pelo menos nao saimos no preju

07-07-2010, 20:51
Pelo regulamento do site, o reembolso acontece apenas quando é confirmado a queda de conexão apenas no pokerstars e não na sua internet. Não obstante, eles abrem algumas exceções.

Abaixo, para quem sabe inglês, anexo a bela aula que eles me deram sobre isso.
Hello Andre,

Thank you for your email to PokerStars. We are really sorry for the inconvenience you experienced during this tournament.

We have reviewed your playing history for Tournament #289427028 and found that you missed a substantial portion of this tournament. As we consider you a valued player at PokerStars we have issued a credit of $10.40 to your account.

Please understand that we did not suffer any server-side problems or disconnection during this tournament. Your issues seem to have been local to your computer or Internet Service Provider (ISP); otherwise many players would have been disconnected, and that was not the case. Part of the inherent risk of playing poker on the Internet is the possibility that Internet connections may fail for any number of reasons. From a practical business standpoint, it is impossible for us to be responsible for the Internet connections of our players.

Rule 18 of our tournament rules states, in part:

"18. By participating in a tournament, a player accepts the risk of Internet disconnection, due to problems with the connection between their computer and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player's computer or the Internet.

* a. PokerStars does not accept any responsibility for a player disconnect except in the case of a server crash."

The complete rule list is available on the PokerStars website:

Poker Tournament Rules for Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments (//www.pokerstars.com/poker/tournaments/rules/)

For these reasons, we cannot make a practice of refunding tournament buy-ins and hope to continue running profitable tournaments.

In addition, the Network Status Report (NSR) you provided verifies this issue existed with your connection and not just our site. This report runs a ping trace to various websites around the world to test your connection in general.

Please allow us a moment to break down that report and demonstrate. The set of traces listed below are ran to Manx Telecom (IOM), Cambridge (UK), Australia, US West and East coasts and Yahoo Servers in Washington (US).
None of these servers belong to PokerStars nor are they related to your connection to our servers. We use these sites to test your overall connection and path of data communication. We have only included small snippets of each trace and you may review the file you sent to review the entire path.

1 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
5 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
12 --- [] Pings=2 Quality=33 Lost=1
13 --- [] Pings=1 Quality=0 Lost=2

1 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
4 --- [] Pings=3 Quality=50 Lost=1
5 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
9 --- [] Pings=1 Quality=0 Lost=2

1 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
5 --- [] Pings=1 Quality=0 Lost=2
9 --- [] Pings=2 Quality=33 Lost=1

1 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
5 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=3
9 --- [] Pings=2 Quality=33 Lost=1

1 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=4
5 --- [] Pings=2 Quality=0 Lost=2
11 --- [] Pings=2 Quality=33 Lost=1

1 --- Error - Status 6 Lost=4
5 --- [] Pings=1 Quality=0 Lost=2
9 --- [] Pings=2 Quality=33 Lost=1

As you can see, the first hop is showing an error message for all the sites traced. This could be due the modem not accepting the traces or a failure in the connection. In addition, some traces fail even after the first hop.

First, it is important to understand how the Internet works. When data flows from your computer to a remote site and vice versa, it is "routed", hence the use of routers throughout the Internet. Each router will have several connections and when it receives data it will choose where to send that data based upon what it knows. Each router only knows how to reach a few specific IP addresses, and has a "default gateway" for everyone else. Data will hop through many routers, from 8 to 30 or more on its journey.

The complexities of routing tables are beyond the scope of what we can explain in a short description, but there are a few basic truisms that are easy to explain:

1. Data from you to our server does not necessarily take the same path as data from our server back to you.
2. Today's data may not take the same path to reach its destination as yesterday's identical connection. Routing tables change dynamically depending on many factors.
3. Data from you to a server in a particular city may take a completely different route than data to another server in that same city, it depends on which ISPs the two servers use.

In short, this all boils down to one single, immutable fact: The Internet is inherently less reliable than any other utility such as a phone company, electric company, etc. Outages happen somewhere on the Internet each and every minute as routers are shut down, restarted, and fail. Data is routed around such outages as best it can be, but sometimes this takes time.

The NSR demonstrates there was a routing issue, outside our control, that caused your data to be sent through a poor connection. This affected PokerStars, located in the United Kingdom, and other sites around the world.
But may not have affected other sites who might locate their servers elsewhere such as Gibraltar or Kahnawake, Quebec. That is why that particular routing anomaly affected PokerStars but not others.

Can this happen to others? Absolutely! It can, and it does. Our servers used to be located in Kahnawake, Quebec, and this happened to our customers there as well. It also happens to PartyPoker (in Gibraltar), Full Tilt and to others located around the world. That is the nature of the Internet, as explained above.

So, will it happen again? We are sad to say, yes it will. It will happen to you again at some point, no matter where you choose to play. Any site that guarantees you 100% uninterrupted access is providing false information. In the Internet industry, there is a "slang phrase" used by network administrators called "five nines". It means that a respectable goal is uptime of 99.999% of the time. We are pleased to say that, aside from a monthly scheduled downtime for the deployment of new versions of the PokerStars server, we indeed exceed "five nines" uptime for our own internal network.

It is important to remember, however, that even if a site manages their own "five nines" for their hardware and connection to the Internet, the customers are at the mercy of the uptime of every single router along the way from the customer to the server. As mentioned above, that can be 30 or more routers, some of whom will have monstrously poorer track records. It can also be a different set of routers depending on overall traffic shaping anywhere along the path from you to the server. PokerStars has absolutely no control over those networks, though we have spent a great deal of time and money researching the up-times and stability of our own ISP providers to minimize "out of network" down time.

In the end, the simple truth is that no site, not even PokerStars can assume responsibility for the stability of every router in the world. Outages are going to happen, a small few in our own network but the vast majority outside our control. The same is true of other sites. We can and do assume responsibility for our own network, but most disconnects from games are caused by factors beyond our or any site's control.

We hope this helps to explain exactly what happened. Unfortunately you will need to contact your ISP and provide them with the above information to hopefully resolve this issue and stabilize your connection.

Please let us know any time we may be of further assistance.


Paola G
PokerStars Technical Specialist

07-07-2010, 21:36
Exato. Eu estava lendo um pessoal que conseguiu ressarcir alguma coisa, principalmente quando tinha varias mesas aberta. Isso mesmo caíndo a internet da pessoal..

É galera, mas entendam, não é caí a sua net e se for, tem um enorme processo.

Imagine quantos golpistas não iria aparecer?

07-07-2010, 21:57
é eu fiquei imaginando.. pqpq perdi um belo runner runner e fui fatiado! vou desconectar aqui e recuperar pelo menos meu investimento kkkkkk... é pedir pra leva esculacho do ps.

Mas como foi a primeira vez em 3 anos que isso aconteceu comigo, e apenas 10.40 (eu ja devo ter gerado mais de 30k de rake pra eles ) eles deram essa colher de cha

08-07-2010, 10:29
É galera o problema de queda da internet é um problema.

A título de curiosidade.

Empresas que necessitam da internet para abrir suas portas, têm que ter mais de uma operadora. Se uma cair, ele coloca a outra e vice versa.

Imagina vc em torneio de buyin $1000,00+50,00, no pokerstar? CAi a sua internet, de quem é o preju?

Pelo que conheço, e por trabalhar com produtos de uma operadora aqui de São Paulo(não vou citar nomes pra não fazer propaganda...rsrs), os produtos que a grande maioria utiliza, não possui garantia nenhuma em relação a essas quedas, isso porque é produto compartilhado por todos, então se cair já era.....

Porém existe no mercado pra suprir essa necessidade, um produto utilizado pelas grandes empresas, a famosa rede ip. Esse produto garante 100% da velocidade contratada e 99% de conexão/ano!

Vejam bem 99%/ano, nesse 1% que não garante ,se passar de 1% a empresa ressarci o preju em contrato!

Bom 1% a maioria vai dizer não é nada, porém fazendo um cálculo rápido teremos, considerando que o ano tenha 365 dias, 87 horas fora do ar...

imagine sua net cair nessas 87 horas.....rsrsrsr isso sim chamaria de uma badbeat...rsrsrsrs

Custos pra se ter uma idéia... 1M = R$ 1.100,00/mês

Será que os profissionais utilizam?

Acredito que sim...


08-07-2010, 11:14
Acho que não.

O prórprio ps e outras rooms, tem um tratamento diferenciado para esse tipo de BI.

E na verdade uma internet como GVT/SPEED/VELOX não ocorre problema direto, de deixar o usuário muito tempo fora, quando acontence aí sim.

Acho que a pior net aqui é a minha, que pega um sinal wireless/repete o sinal por um AP eu recebo no apdatador e jogo. Sou eu e outro cara, quando ela entra aff e começa fazer download já era, e agora só está prestando das 23:00 hrs até as 08:00hrs. Só estou usando porque é de graça, aí ja sabe como é?

Mas estou pensando em comprar um modem da vivo, ja usei varias vezes, joguei mais de 10hrs e muito bom, quando caíu, voltou em menos de 1 minuto.

Pra isso preciso melhorar meus resultados, pra cobrir a mensalidade de 70 reais por mês, aqui na empresa temos uma promoção junto com a vivo.

03-08-2017, 17:26
Up, acabou de me salvar!!